Department of State Development

The Department for Innovation and Skills is committed to increasing the accessibility and inclusion of our clients and stakeholders who live with disability.

Feedback on the plan

You are invited to provide your feedback on the draft DAIP that has programs and policies in place to support our commitment.

The department would especially like to hear from people with disability, people who care for or support people with disability, family members, organisations and anyone who feels passionate about access and inclusion for people with disability.

The additional needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, culturally and linguistically diverse people, women, and children are also areas of priority.

Get involved

Read the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (PDF)

Please review the proposed DIS DAIP and provide your feedback and comments by 24 September 2020.


Complete a short survey

If you would like the draft Department DAIP provided in an alternative format such as Easy Read, large font, electronic format (disk or emailed), audio or Braille, please email the DIS Culture and Capability team at