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A diverse sector driving commercial outcomes through creativity

South Australia has world-class creative industries. Our best-selling games, internationally recognised television and films, world-renowned festivals and performing arts, and lauded craft, design and fashion brands provide significant value to our state.

The creative industries create jobs and exports, attract investment, drive innovation, entertain audiences, boost tourism, enhance our wellbeing, and showcase our unique culture to the world.

South Australia’s creative industries are a broad ecosystem of sub-sectors linked by their ability to use design-thinking, or creativity, to develop and produce unique, innovative and highly sought-after intellectual property. They consist of 10 distinct but often intersecting sectors:

  • Advertising and Communications Design
  • Broadcasting: TV, Radio and Podcasts
  • Design: Architectural, Industrial, Urban, Landscape, Interior and Product
  • Fashion
  • Festivals (Creative and Cultural)
  • Music
  • Performing Arts
  • Screen: Film & TV, Post-Production, Game Development
  • Visual Arts and Craft
  • Writing and Publishing