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We recognise the people and their land

Aboriginal people are the first nations and peoples of South Australia, and the Traditional Custodians of these lands and waters. Their resilience, cultural and spiritual connection to this place, and unbroken heritage tracing back tens of thousands of years is respected and celebrated.

Every day we live, work, and play on Kaurna land.

This simple observation is a reminder that reconciliation should be present in everything we do.

The Department for Innovation and Skills is proud to present a stretch Reconciliation Action Plan.

This Reconciliation Action Plan continues to make reconciliation part of everything that we do, and it builds on the work previously done towards genuine access and inclusivity for Aboriginal peoples.

Reconciliation is especially important for Innovation and Skills. We have a mandate to focus on the human factors that support the Government’s growth agenda, and nothing is more fundamental than all people having equality of access to work, to growth and to achievement.

This plan is both our challenge, and our pathway towards a better community and workforce. It sets out why it is important that we have such a plan and it details the action we will take to close the gap of inequality and reduce the scourge of racism, no matter how subtly it sits within our systems and our processes.

As a department, our diversity is our strength. We can use that strength to realise and act upon our collective responsibility for reconciliation, so that history is acknowledged and healed, and we can work towards a unified future.