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Proactive expenses disclosure

The South Australian Government is providing material that is regularly requested under Freedom of Information (FOI) available to all members of the community.

The information government holds is a valuable public resource and it is committed to being open and accountable, engaging with the community, and encouraging public participation to assist make important decisions, policies and laws.

Following the approval of Stage 4 of the Proactive Disclosure Strategy on 29 April 2013, the Government also approved a Proactive Disclosure of Regularly Requested Information Policy. This policy states that the following information will be proactively disclosed:

  • Mobile phone, overseas travel, ancillary office expenditure and gift register
  • Credit card expenditure

Minister David Pisoni

Adam Reid

Chief Executive Mark Duffy

For disclosures prior to 2019, please contact our team.

Procurement Practices Policy

The Procurement Policy for the Department aligns to the Procurement Framework established by the State Procurement Board.


Details of consultants engaged by the Department can be found on the SA Tenders website.

Capital Works

Details of capital works undertaken by the Department can be found at State Budget Papers website and State Budget Overview.