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For Researchers, Entrepreneurs and Businesses

The Research, Commercialisation and Startup Fund (RCSF) supports researchers, entrepreneurs and businesses to accelerate their progress with funding from the South Australian Government.

Funding streams

The RCSF comprises three competitive funding streams:  

Stream 1: Strategic Research Initiatives 

Supports research initiatives that will create innovative solutions or translate research into industry or commercial outcomes that address economy-wide challenges for South Australia.

Financial Services Development Program

Call for Proposals are now open for Stream 1: Financial Services Development Program (Round 2).

This initiative aims to foster collaboration between the financial services industry and research sector.

For more information and to apply see Call for Proposals.

Stream 2: Startup and Early Stage Company Incentive  

Provides entrepreneurs with funding to start and scale their innovative early-stage business.

Stream 3: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem Initiatives

Supports programs, events and activities that have broad benefit to the startup community.

Next steps

Read the guidelines to determine your eligibility.

Research, Commercialisation and Startup Fund - Guidelines (updated September 2019)
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Research, Commercialisation and Startup Fund - FAQs
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