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Creating new solutions to propel the health, aged care and disability sectors

Giving people the ability to live independently, productively and with dignity is at the heart of this collaboration challenge, which will bring together innovators, researchers and businesses to develop cutting-edge products in the health, ageing and disability sectors.

The South Australian Innovation Challenge is an initiative of EXCITE, the state’s 10-year science and innovation strategy. It aims to showcase the state’s research and innovation value chain by identifying solutions to a global problem that have the potential to transform supply chains and propel economic growth in South Australia.

The SA Innovation Challenge will foster new collaborations between researchers and businesses, to harness R&D to deliver technology-based solutions, drive innovation and create market advantage for startups, SMEs and businesses.

With $1 million committed from the Government of South Australia, the SA Innovation Challenge will focus on the Growth State priority sectors of health and medical industries and hi-tech, creating early market advantage and growth opportunities for South Australian businesses.

How to participate

Demonstrate South Australia’s capability to harness frontier technologies across the research and innovation value chain to develop new products or services that augment the ability of a person at any stage of life to live independently, productively, with dignity and wellbeing, and create early market advantage for South Australian businesses.

Expressions of interest have now closed for the SA Innovation Challenge. The successful applicant or applicants will be announced in late 2021.

We encourage you to view the Guidelines and email us with any enquiries.