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Amber Shelton

Certificate III Plumbing and Gas Fitting

Trained by TAFE SA

GTO Trainee and Apprentice Placement Service

Host employer Cushman Wakefield Facilities Services

After completing her apprenticeship with a Certificate III in Plumbing, Amber has recently secured the role of Site Manager at Cushman & Wakefield Facilities Services – a position she says will ensure she continues to be challenged and provided with opportunities to learn from and fulfil her goal to become as knowledgeable and skilled as the people she works with.

“I aim to continue my Vocational Education and Training pathway by enrolling in a Certificate IV in Plumbing at TAFE SA,” says Amber. “The industry evolves quickly, and by continuing my education I’ll be able to keep up and stay in front of future advancements.”

Amber says she was inspired to start a trade after seeing the products created through ingenuity and hard work by her grandparents, parents and others on building sites.

“It was certainly a goal of mine to get into a trade. From my experience, there is a level of respect within construction that can only be gained from doing your time,” she says.

During her apprenticeship, Amber won a range of awards – including the Trainee and Apprentice Placement Service’s Best First, Second and Third-year Plumbing Apprentice – and participated in the World Skills regional competition (where she was awarded a bronze medal) and as a Crucial Woman in Construction panel member for the Master Plumbers Association of South Australia.

She cites dedication, hard work, persistence and resilience as the attributes that supported her to complete her apprenticeship, supporting her to positively contribute to her workplace by passing on knowledge and experience to new apprentices.

“This is what I am truly looking forward to. I get a real sense of excitement when I think about the opportunity to help and train future workplace apprentices,” says Amber.