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Emma Hoffrichter

Certificate IV in Horse Racing (Racehorse Trainer)

Trained by Skillinvest

Employed by Gillespie Racing

Drawn to horses – particularly horse racing – from a young age, Emma always knew she wanted to work in the industry. So, when an opportunity presented itself during high school, she took it.

“Previously unsure of how to get a start in the horse industry, or what sort of skills (aside from horse husbandry) were desirable, in high school I was offered the opportunity to complete my Certificate II in Horse Racing through Vocational Education and Training as part of my SACE studies,” says Emma. “The course was invaluable to my career. It taught me all the basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills I needed to walk into a job as a stablehand after school – skills I have used and built upon every day since.”

Working for several small trainers, Emma soon realised she enjoyed having sole charge of horses, and she wanted to become more involved in their training and assist in running businesses – so, in 2016, she undertook a Diploma of Equine Management at Marcus Oldham College, where she was exposed to aspects of the industry she had never seen before.

“Following that, I acquired a stablehand position at McEvoy Mitchell Racing in their Angaston stables, an operation that houses 120 horses in its busiest times and was completely different to anywhere I had worked before,” says Emma. “Through McEvoy’s, I was able to complete a Certificate III and Certificate IV in Horse Racing.”

Emma later followed an opportunity to ride and become more deeply involved in the training of horses in her rural hometown, working with a trainer who was starting out with her first racehorses.

“Over the past racing season, we have worked together to win three races with our two horses, one of whom was previously unraced,” she says. “Outside of racing, I also educate riding horses for clients, teach riding lessons, and retrain off the track thoroughbreds for my own use.”

Emma now plans to complete one more racing season before seeking out a management/foreman position.