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Henley High School

Henley High School is a local Government School for 1400 students in Years 8 to 12, including 75 International students and 25 students with significant learning difficulties in our Supported Learning Centre. The school is situated close to Henley Beach, the airport and the CBD in Adelaide, South Australia and provides a comprehensive curriculum that meets the learning needs of the diverse range of students from our local Western Adelaide community.

Henley High School is highly regarded for:

  • A broad curriculum including career advice
  • The use of ICT tools to enhance the engagement of, and successful outcomes for, students
  • The Sports Academy that includes a specialised entry program for high achieving student athletes in 11 sports.

Our Focus is on Literacy and Numeracy, Internationalism, Vocational Learning and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Provision of high-quality teaching and learning for students who are marginalised and have a significant intellectual and/or physical disability.

Henley High Schools philosophy outlines that through the living of our values, it is understood that every student leaves Henley High School with a sense of hope, opportunity and choice.

We aim to guide all students to know and use their strengths to make informed decisions about becoming active and engaged citizens while developing future career pathways that promote a flourishing life.

Henley High School has three set goals:

  • To strive for students to develop their capabilities to maximise effective learning on the task
  • To seek to activate student voices to co-deigning the rich learning tasks in the new curriculum to increase student engagement with learning and to increase the number of high achievements
  • Not to yield but build literacy and numeracy skills in all students so as to increase the number of students in the high bands.