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Justin Mamo

Finalist: VET Teacher or Trainer of the Year

Employed by Cardijn College

The Training Manager at Cardijn College’s MTC Training, Justin sees his role in training the next generation of tradespeople as ‘more than a job’ – instead, he views it as an opportunity to make a genuine difference to the lives of young people.

With an apprenticeship of his own under his belt, Justin became Production Manager of an engineering business shortly after completing his training and developed his passion for Vocational Education and Training (VET) by providing on-the-job training to apprentices during his lunch break.

“My employer, recognising my commitment and contribution, acknowledged my efforts by financially supporting formal, accredited training for staff,” says Justin.

Seeing the positive impact training had on the lives of others, and their ability to develop skills and succeed in the workplace, sparked Justin’s interest in a VET career. After formalising his qualifications in training and assessment, he joined MTC Training, where he trains students and apprentices enrolled in qualifications from the Manufacturing and Engineering Training Package.

Justin says it is critical to recruit trainers with the skills and attributes to make them a ‘good fit’ for the MTC Training environment, where maintaining student engagement is key. Focused on creating good working relationships with students and apprentices, he provides extended work programs and community projects to keep learners motivated and to link their training to the ‘real world’.

“Training the next generation of tradespeople is more than a job for me – it is about creating the love of work, developing skills, solving problems and teamwork,” says Justin. “Seeing students and apprentices produce quality outcomes they are proud of, and that exceed industry expectations, is satisfying and validates that I am making a difference.”