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Kayla Ide-Ant'z

Finalist: VET Teacher or Trainer of the Year

Employed by Thebarton Senior College

As a child, Kayla could always be found drawing, and her parents took every opportunity to encourage her passion for art. It is therefore no surprise that today, her area of expertise is visual art and design.

“I remember being eight and drawing Pokémon,” says Kayla. “My Dad was so proud – he hung my drawings above his tool bench.”

Kayla went on to study a Bachelor of Visual Art and Design at TAFE SA and began working as a digital graphics re-toucher, graphic designer, and marketing coordinator, before following her creative passion and commencing work as a freelance artist/designer.

While taking contract work and commissions, and selling and exhibiting her artwork, Kayla completed a Master of Teaching and began teaching Certificates III and IV in Design in senior colleges.

In collaboration with CDW Studios, Kayla developed the Certificate III and IV in Screen and Media to connect young people who are passionate about art and design with a pathway into the entertainment and visual effects industry. Today, she works at Thebarton Senior College, where she teaches the Certificate III.

“I am passionate about embracing my students’ individuality and celebrating their diversity,” says Kayla. “I want young people to feel they belong and are supported for who they are, and I hope to contribute to supporting diversity and inclusiveness within schools.”

“I aim to empower, support and build self-efficacy in my students, so they have confidence in themselves and their abilities, and are aware of the diverse pathways and job opportunities available to them in the art and design industry.”