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Norgrove Training

Gold Class Training Provider through COVID-19 pandemic, 2020-21.

Established in Adelaide in 2003, Norgrove Training has trained in excess of 7000 students. We deliver certificate courses for the Age Care, Disability and Community Care sectors, for a diverse range of students. We also offer courses for First Aid, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Accredited and non-Accredited Manual Handling, Medications and Infection Control.

In 2021, we completed full Self Assurance with the industry regulator ASQA’s, self-assurance quality Standards and in 2020- 2021 we were the top performers in all categories for our sector.

Our focus is on practical skills training, a hands-on approach to prepare students for work, from day one of their mandatory placement. Our trainers, employees and management staff have current industry experience and skills to ensure high quality results. 89% of our students were employed after training – the National average was 68.6%.

Working with our clients we innovate and improve the quality of students training, in preparation for employment.

Satisfaction with quality of training was 97.9% of students - compared with 88% of South Australian and all VET providers Australia wide. 80% of our students had improved their writing skills - compared to 51% in South Australia and across Australia.

COVID -19 affected 83% of training providers during 2020-21. We continued business with 583 students with a 91% completion rate.

As early adopters of the Aged Care Royal Commission recommendations to improve Dementia and Palliative Care training, our goal is to recruit and train more students, by informing them of the opportunities for a rewarding career in the health industry.

We are committed to training certificate qualified staff to meet the increased hours of care required for care recipients.

Norgrove is continuing to work with our industry partners, to ensure the very best of care is available those who have daily needs for high quality care, delivered with integrity, dignity and trust.