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Rachael Kelly

Certificate III in Business
Attends Grant High School
Trained by Limestone Coast Training
Employed by Key 2 Sale

In 2021, Rachael is working to complete Year 12 at Grant High School, while simultaneously undertaking a 12-month Certificate III in Business traineeship with Key 2 Sale. Juggling her two roles – school student and administration employee – she is studying SACE Stage Two courses in General Mathematics and Literary Studies, while gaining real estate industry experience in marketing and administration.

With her Certificate III counting towards her SACE completion, Rachael hopes to continue her career at Key 2 Sale after leaving school and undertake further training.

“I plan to gain my agent’s license, explore my passion for architecture in real estate photography, and learn how to enhance social media’s potential in the industry,” says Rachael. “I hope to turn this traineeship into full time employment and one day perhaps own a local real estate business.”

“My goals are both short term and long term, but I know the path my life takes will be filled with immense passion, hard work and determination towards accomplishing a remarkable future.”

As Grant High School Captain, Rachael is actively supporting change though increasing opportunities for students to have a voice and be heard. The vision for a Student-Led Development (SLED) team evolved out of her merit winning SACE research project, a legacy she hopes will demonstrate the power students hold when their leadership skills are encouraged.

“I believe where I am today is a result of my ability to adapt, learn and grow as an individual. Personal determination and perseverance have underpinned my success to date,” she says. “My achievements would not have been possible without my unquestionably driven mindset.”

“The support of family, friends, work colleagues, teachers and the local community strengthens my vision. I believe no one can reach the position I have today without a lot of encouragement and assistance.”

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