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Samuel Ivanoff

Diploma of Applied Technologies
Attends St Patrick's Technical College
Trained by Skills Lab
GTO AI Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre
Host employer Aurecon Group

A Year 12 student at St Patrick’s Technical College, Samuel is undertaking a school-based apprenticeship in Applied Technologies – training with AI Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre and through his host employer, Aurecon Group.

He says his parents were intuitive in sending him to a school that fostered students into apprenticeship and traineeship pathways, inspiring him to chase his dreams and passions and encouraging him to develop his skills at home.

From a young age, Samuel could regularly be found building constructions from boxes and Lego – later discovering house plans and falling in love with designing.

“I dreamed of designing a building that would actually be built one day, and I am currently working on designing a house that my parents are hoping to build in the future,” he says.

“My school teachers have also encouraged me to push myself and keep looking for an opportunity that suits me, and for that I'm grateful. I wouldn't be where I am today without people believing in me and supporting my dreams.”

Samuel says his school-based apprenticeship has given him the opportunity to learn and develop his skills, building confidence in his abilities and excitement at the opportunities that lay ahead. He plans to become an engineer, designing structures he can one day bring to life, and to travel and learn from engineers around the world.

“As a school student, there hasn’t been an apprenticeship pathway available in my desired industry until now. I thought I’d have to wait until I finished school,” says Samuel.

“Being offered this incredible opportunity means not only am I able to kickstart my career earlier than I previously thought I’d be able to, but I am able to work and learn alongside skilled and experienced engineers in the workplace.”