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Say Cheese Wholesale Pty Ltd

Say Cheese Wholesale is one of Australia’s most diverse importer and distributor of International and Australian specialty cheese. Established in 1992, the company offers the largest range of speciality cheeses in the Australian market from both domestic and international producers.

The business encompasses several areas. Within the Washed Rind Corporation sits Say Cheese Wholesale, Say Cheese Retail, Cheese Culture, Market St Patisserie and Dough bakery.

Working tirelessly to provide retail and foodservice customers with premium products, the staff are committed to delivering high quality customer service.

Say Cheese Wholesale were the pioneers in importing white mould cheese such as Brie and Camembert via air freight.

The company is passionate about the selection and maintenance of cheeses. For the past 29 years, the company has had a dedicated team who work with Australia’s top retailers and restaurants. Our team of 106, bring a broad range of skills and experience to the company. Our sales team have vast experience in cheese and are very skilled in placing the right product with the right customer. Our operations and logistics team play a key role in ensuring the company has the highest quality of specialty cheese available and it is delivered to the customers in premium condition.

Originating from a small cheese retail outlet in the Central Market, the need for a larger head office and warehouse was evident with increased volumes of imports. In time it was recognised to deliver best product it was necessary to build, an aging room known as affinage. This is the first in Australia. The Company moved to new premises in Export Park where it has a large warehouse, delivery dock, cutting room, affinage room and sales and administration office.

Another part of the business is Market St Patisserie and Dough bakery. These two businesses have grown considerably over the last few years.