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Collaboration partners:

Department of Human Services Accommodation Services
T.I.M.E. Training and Education

In proud partnership the Department of Human Services Accommodation Services (DHS), MEGT Australia (MEGT) and TIME Education and Training are offering traineeships which will provide opportunities to become a Disability Services Officer.

Through 175 Disability Services Officer traineeships, this collaboration will provide person-centred support in community accommodation for adults living with diverse and complex disabilities across South Australia.

Funded through a State Budget stimulus initiative, to increase the skilled workforce in key industries. The successful candidates will be employed by MEGT for the 12-month traineeship duration, undertaking a Certificate III Individual Support (Disability) through T.I.M.E Education and Training and hosted by DHS Accommodation Services for the on-the-job component.

Candidates will gain a certificate and work experience, along with professional mentoring as they embark upon a career that allows them to develop the skills to become a fully qualified Disability Services Officer.

Each collaborating partner has key responsibilities:

  1. DHS is responsible for project coordination and stakeholder communications.
  2. DHS is the host employer providing on job mentoring and monitoring of student progression.
  3. TIME as the RTO organisation is integral to each stage of the project, providing nationally accredited training, non-accredited soft skill development, accessing state subsidies and ensuring compliance with state guidelines for subsidised enrolments and associated reporting.
  4. MEGT is responsible for ensuring the appropriate screening and selection of candidates. As a Group Training Organisation MEGT employs the selected candidates and places them with the Host (DHS).

Stage one of the collaboration involves recruitment and selection. Stage two of the collaboration incorporates the Public Sector induction and RTO training component.

In Stage three of the collaboration Entry to Care Roles and Skillsets are introduced. The final stage of the collaboration involves the DHS mentorship support program ensuring each trainee is matched to a suitable and trained mentor and the RTO will conduct formal training and assessment.