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Supashock is an award winning, world-class designer and manufacturer with a comprehensive line of advanced mobility, logistics handling and autonomous product systems that control, monitor and improve mobility of defence, autonomous, commercial, automotive and other transport systems.

Since 2005, Supashock has built a highly skilled team to design, manufacture and test our systems for a wide range of global mobility and logistics handling applications.

Our mission is to provide customers with the highest level of quality across all products and services. Supashock excels in the fields of advanced manufacturing, high and low-volume production, engineering, simulation, analysis, electronics engineering, prototyping, verification and validation, testing (including environmental testing), quality management and artificial intelligence.

Supashock’s future roadmap is heavily focussed on the integration of advanced technology, with dedicated research and development departments for artificial intelligence and automation.

Supashock has grown to become a 65% export business and locations can be found in Australia, USA and Germany. This global presence allows Supashock to efficiently provide services to customers worldwide, collaborating with partners who are already well established in these countries.

Supashock is a proud industry partner of the Department of Defence, Veteran’s Employment Program and Barkuma.

Supashock strives to uphold our PIRID values. We welcome challenges and apply high levels of attention to detail. Supashock has the determination to deliver innovative solutions with passion and integrity, holding absolute respect for our people and the customer.

Supashock’s Advisory Board is comprised of highly experienced and capable members who have made dramatic impacts in Australian Defence Forces, automotive OEM, science and technology, motorsport, and defence manufacturing industries.

Supashock focuses heavily on innovative research and solutions to achieve design excellence. Bringing performance, reliability and versatility - our unique strengths lie in advanced technology, flexibility and agility which compliments, our ability to partner and provide bespoke solutions.