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Tom Hodgson

Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician

Trained by PEER

Host employer RNW Fire Services

After choosing a career in the electrotechnology field at an early age, Tom is now a fourth-year electrical apprentice completing a Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician through PEER. Hosted with RNW Fire Services, his interest in the field peaked during his school years when he discovered the intricacies of technology and electronics.

“I started taking components apart from various devices, seeing how they worked, and building my own computers,” says Tom. “I realised I wanted to make a career in the electronics industry.”

After undertaking work experience with a company in Byron Bay, where he learnt the basics of manual handling, safe operation and isolation, and pulling and terminating cable, Tom found his passion in a field he knew he could make a successful career in.

In 2018, he enrolled in an intensive eight-week Certificate II in Electrotechnology with PEER, which led him to start his career as an electrical apprentice, studying a Certificate III in Electrotechnology.

He says he was attracted by the evolving nature of the electrical industry, which created opportunities for personal growth, through a nationally recognised qualification that is also recognised abroad – opening up opportunities for the future. By specialising in fire protection, Tom has identified a niche opportunity to enter an industry heavily involved with the programming and control elements of the electrical sector.

“I aspire to be a leading hand of commercial fire protection installations, whether that be here in Australia or internationally. Further in my career, and once I build my knowledge, I plan to move into a management or supervisory role and eventually establish and run my own fire electrical company,” he says.

“The training I have received throughout my apprenticeship, combined with my personal qualities and skills, will allow me to achieve these goals.”