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Local and national judges are experienced at identifying individuals and organisations that stand out from the crowd - but they don’t know you, so a quality application that is clear and concise and addresses all selection criteria is essential.

Start today

Don’t wait until the last minute to begin your application. Give yourself enough time to research, write and reflect.

Applications close at 5pm on 17 May, so determine how much time you need to allocate to each criterion to complete your application in time.

Understand the rules

Carefully review the eligibility requirements for your category, as well as the conditions of entry. Ensure you meet them before applying.

Tell your story

All questions in the application form have been crafted to encourage you to tell the story of your training success. What have you done? How have you achieved it? Use practical examples and provide evidence of your achievements.

After you have read the conditions of entry and selection criteria, consider some of the points you might want to raise and draft a dot point outline of what you want to cover under each criterion. Once you have done that, go through each criterion one by one and expand on the dot points.

Ask for help

Before you fill in the gaps in your dot point outline or finalise your application, show a draft to your employer, Registered Training Organisation (RTO), a family member or a friend - and ask for honest feedback.

Pay attention to the word and attachment limit

Check the category guidelines to find out how many words you are permitted to use for each criterion and the number of supporting documents you are permitted to attach.

Mind your language

Avoid using slang, jargon or too many acronyms. Use plain English and keep your language simple, clear and concise.

And remember - always write in the first person!

Avoid repetition

Check your application to make sure you have answered all the questions. Don't repeat the same information in more than one of your responses, unless it is absolutely necessary – and if you do, don’t cut and paste the exact wording you have used elsewhere.

Don't refer to previous criteria (e.g. don’t say ‘as mentioned in Criterion 2’ when answering Criterion 3).

Select strong supporting documents

A letter, certificate, qualification, written reference from your employer and/or lecturer, testimonial, photograph etc can add real value to your application and support you to evidence your success. Attach documents that provide evidence and support the statements you have made and reference the attachments in your application.

Wait a minute

Before submitting your application, have it reviewed. You can contact Grace Fitzpatrick - Executive Officer, South Australian Training Awards - on 08 8429 2945 to arrange a review.

Final check

Ask someone to proof read your application – in particular, to check for spelling and grammatical errors. Once that has been completed, make sure you personally review the final draft before submitting it.

Australian Training Awards

The application you submit for the 2021 South Australian Training Awards will be the same one that is used for judging for the 2021 Australian Training Awards, should you progress to become a finalist in the national awards program.

You won’t be able to make any changes or amendments to your original application, so when you prepare it, remember it will compete with applications from other states and territories.


Before you submit your application check:

  • you are eligible for the category
  • you have provided all required certification
  • you have addressed all selection criteria related to the category you are applying for
  • you have included all information needed to submit your application, including your attachments
  • you have referenced all attachments in your application
  • you have read, understood and endorsed the contents of your application
  • you have agreed to the conditions of entry.