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Growing skilled workforces where they are needed the most

JobTrainer is an investment by the state and federal governments in skills and training to support school leavers, job seekers and young people, including those affected by COVID-19

JobTrainer is prioritising training in industries where there is high demand for skilled workers such as aged care, disability care and childcare; and in new and emerging sectors, such as cyber security, ICT, defence industries and the creative industries.

Training delivery is a mix of short courses, and qualifications with bespoke delivery aligned to sector needs to support entry and re-entry to the workforce including through traineeships and apprenticeships.

Under JobTrainer, courses listed on the Subsidised Training List (STL) are accessible to eligible students at low cost.

JobTrainer compliments the Skilling South Australia initiative by developing new skills and creating pathways through apprenticeships and traineeships. JobTrainer targets upskilling and industry entry through skills development, to fast track job seekers into priority sectors as the economy recovers and grows.