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Using real community insights to support the Skilling South Australia initiative

The South Australian Government is helping more people get skills and qualifications to build careers and meet the workforce needs of industry now and into the future.

A key focus since Skilling South Australia was launched in 2018 has been to drive growth in apprenticeships and traineeships.

The Department for Innovation and Skills commissioned Kantar Research to undertake research to:

  • measure attitudes, perceptions and awareness in regard to the opportunities available through apprenticeships and traineeships and other vocational education and training (VET) pathways
  • identify relevant messaging and approaches to encourage better engagement and participation.

This approach has helped build the “Your Passion” advertising campaign, released in 2019, to successfully raise awareness of skilled career opportunities in South Australia and enhance the overall perception of VET pathways.

Through the research, 500 young people, influencers and upskillers were engaged in surveys and regular focus groups.

What did the research tell us?

The research indicated that the campaign was successful in steadily raising the appeal, knowledge and likelihood of undertaking an apprenticeship across target audiences.

Around 96 per cent of the audience felt positive about apprenticeships and skilled careers after seeing the advertising and more confident about the pathway and their alignment to future jobs.

I never considered that some of the careers shown in the ads were possible through an apprenticeship. - Jobseeker

It portrays an apprenticeship as a personalised choice, and the idea that you can do something there that you will enjoy and build a career. - Jobseeker